Now What?

This is a very exciting time. You're probably feeling excited about your upcoming shoot and also a little nervous. Perfect. You're nervous because you care. The hard part is over;  you've bookd your session. Now the fun can start: Shopping, Hair and Makeup Makeover, and Beautiful Images. Because we here at BVP want you to have the best experience you can we have prepared this page which will give you some tips, possibly answer any questions you might have, and give you a few wardrobe ideas (If you're still trying to figure out your wardrobe).


Shooting a boudoir session can be a bit nerve wrecking and quite intimidating. That's why we've put together a list of tips to help you prior to your appointment to not only look your best, but feel your best as well.

-Sarah Stafford, Professional Makeup Artist & Stylist

Professional makeup and false lashes are strongly recommended when shooting to add drama to your photos while tying your whole look together. Please keep in mind, photography makeup is completely different from everyday makeup and can tend to be a little on the heavier side than normal. This is because the flash from the camera takes away a bit of the heaviness and creates a sensual, dramatic look. It can be scary putting your faith (and the way you look) into the hands of a total stranger, but don't worry. BVP works only with the most experienced hair and makeup artists in Texas and is sure to create or re-create any style of look you are wanting to achieve.





What about Wardrobe?

For your shoot, you will really only need about 4-5 outfits. Do you have a favorite top, a new dress, or something you wear when you want to feel good about yourself? 
These are some items that are commonly brought:
A couple of tops, slips, jeans, nice dresses, something light, and something dark.

Solid colors and unique designs are a big yes as are primary colors. Try to stay away from busy patterns, these tend to distract and pull attention away from the true beauty, you. 

If you've booked a boudoir session some good outfit choices are lace, sheer fabric, matching tops and bottoms, corsets, and garters & hosiery.

 Helpful tip:
Make sure you keep your night open after the shoot because you're going to look gorgeous and want to hit the town.


.. relax, smile and have fun!!